This second edition is an excellent starting point for anyone dealing with time series forecasting. The book is very well motivated by real life case studies, the approach is practical and the coverage is comprehensive. Generous references to software programs make the content accessible to undergrads in forecasting classes, MBA students and practitioners in business, industry and services who need to study time series to help decision making processes... Bottom line - one of the best intro books on time series and forecasting i have ever seen. (read the full review).

— Dr. Ron S. Kenett, Chairman and CEO, KPA Group

This neat little book aims to “introduce the reader to quantitative forecasting of time series in a practical, hands-on fashion.” For a certain kind of reader, it will doubtless succeed, and do so in a stylish way... While reading this book, I was delighted by its clarity... The book is so well written, well organized and well designed that it might even be read. (download the full review)

— Tom Willemain, FORESIGHT, The International Journal of Applied Forecasting

I am always looking for new materials when I teach forecasting modules in MBA and Executive MBA programs. This is a concise and well-written book for this market. The book is especially timely as more MBA programs are using R.

— Prof. Johannes Ledolteron

First-rate textbook at a bargain price... The exposition is accessible to students with a wide range of backgrounds, and balanced between enough mathematics to explain the methods but not so much that it raises barriers to understanding.

— Prof. Thomas Tiahrt

Really hits the sweet spot for someone looking for a gentle introduction to time series modeling: it covers all the bases (smoothers, ARIMA etc.), compares the pros and cons of different methods, discusses validation and testing, includes example code so you can get started right away and has just enough mathematical notation to simplify the descriptions of the methods. It's succinct but not dumbed down. For how much it costs, you really can't go wrong here.

— Stijn Debrouwere

I have a copy of Galit's book and can attest that it is an excellent primer. Galit has provided something that you don't see very often - a book with meat that does not have pages and pages stuffed full of equations...

— John Seymour, "John the Math Guy"

One of my favorite data mining textbooks! Shmueli's writing is concise and easy to read but full of valuable technical information and insight. Complex concepts are paired with numerous examples which enable one to immediately visualize the different models. This is tremendously helpful to those new to forecasting. If you're a little bit more experienced with forecasting and other data mining techniques, the organized text will allow you to go at a pace commensurate with your understanding. You can easily access all the data sets used in the text so re-creating the examples is a breeze. (read the full review).

— Debra Hunter

FORESIGHT review of Practical Time Series Forecasting