Practical Time Series Forecasting with R and Practical Time Series Forecasting provide an applied approach to time-series forecasting. Forecasting is an essential component of predictive analytics.

Balancing theory and practice, the books introduce popular forecasting methods and approaches used in a variety of business applications, and are ideal for Business Analytics, MBA, Executive MBA, and Data Analytics programs in business schools.

Practical Time Series Forecasting with R
Practical Time Series Forecasting

Why choose Practical Time Series Forecasting?

The ideal forecasting textbooks for business analytics.

  • A new business-analytics approach to time-series forecasting

  • A good balance between theory and practice

  • Plenty of real-world examples

  • Hands-on exercises

  • Affordable and globally available

  • Paperback and Kindle editions

  • Written by author of top-selling Data Mining Book for Business Analytics

  • The perfect companion for data scientists

Praise for the Books

"The book is a little gem"

— FORESIGHT, The International Journal of Applied Forecasting

"An excellent primer"

— John Seymour, "John the Math Guy"

"This book was the perfect resource!"

— Debra Hunter

"One of the best intro books on time series and forecasting I have ever seen"

— Dr. Ron S. Kenett

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