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Errata for 2nd Edition, First print

Page/Section  Correction 
Chapter 5 Exercise 6 (c)(ii) (print page 108) Replace 0.2 with 0.02
Chapter 5 Exercise 8 (b)(i) (print page 111) Should read: "Create the "actual vs. forecast" plot. What can you say about the model fit?"
Chapter 5 Exercise 8 (c)(i) (print page 112) Ignore the last bullet point that mentions Holt-Winter's smoothing

Case 9.2 Assignment #7 (print page 187) Create a scatterplot of the MAPE pairs, with the training MAPE on the x-axis and the validation MAPE on the y-axis. Create a similar scatterplot for validation MASE vs. MAPE. Now examine...
Case 9.3 Assignment Updated assignment